Welcome to Meadow Green Primary School... Have a look at our new behaviour policy and find out about the Meadow Green Bees... Coming Soon: Meetings for Parents with new class teachers; Phase Trips and Sports Afternoons; Transition 'class swaps' for children; Year 6 Performance, Residential trip and Leavers events!
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Meadow Green PrimaryA Hive of Industry & Learning

Welcome toMeadow Green PrimaryA Hive of Industry & Learning

Year 1


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How will it Work?

Teachers will plan lessons that link directly to the curriculum focus for our year group and will provide resources to support tasks for home learners.

Should remote learning need to be set for a class or bubble, the work for the week in English, Maths and other subjects will be posted here by 9.00am on a Monday morning.

We will expect you to spend an hour a day on English and an hour a day on maths. In the afternoon we will also set another topic lesson linked to science, computing, history, geography or art.

We also want you to spend some time each day, practice your phonics and spelling  (Spellzone), reading and number bonds (Numbots)

Remember to ensure some daily exercise to keep your mind and body healthy!


Timetable of Activities for the Week

 A suggested timetable for the week will appear here.


Home Learning Project Linked to Curriculum Map


As a part of our  topic  we will extend the children's understanding of the similarities and differences between people by learning about the different houses and homes we live in. Click here to take you to the Home Learning project.






This weeks English Lessons

Our focus for this week's learning is explanation texts .


We will be using the Oak Academy unit :

How Beans Grow.

Pupils will explore the importance of sequencing and features of explanation texts. Building up to writing their own explanations. This will last for 2 weeks. Click on the Oak Academy Image to link straight to this unit.








Daily Maths - White Rose Maths

Our daily maths lessons will predominantly  be linked to the White Rose Maths curriculum which we follow at school. There are daily videos to support the children's learning which mirror how we teach our Maths at school .  Click on the White Rose Maths Image .

Your teachers however may provide further resources and guidance including modelling or addressing common issues in their Google Classroom feedback.


Any worksheets to accompany  these lessons lessons can be downloaded below  or will be in your Google Classroom.