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  At Meadow Green we want all of our children to develop a love of reading from their early phonics development through to independent fluent readers who can select texts and books to support their learning in other subjects and make choices based upon their enjoyment of a style or author.


Our Reading Scheme


Here at Meadow Green we aim to promote and uphold a love of reading in all of our children.

We have a wide range of reading books for children to access in school, Oxford Reading Tree, Pearson Rapid Phonics, Ginn, Collins, Fireflies and Heinemann Discovery World. Our reading books throughout school are set on a book band basis, the banding starts with easier and simpler books at pink and goes up to the colour black which are more challenging. Colour bands are not set into age groups or year groups and children will move through the book bands at an individual pace, dependent on advise/teaching from the class teacher. Once a child has demonstrated appropriate fluency and comprehension of a range of texts from the highest band they are then identified as ‘Free’ readers and can select books such as classic novels or popular children’s authors  based on interest or preference. To enable parents in supporting their child's reading development at home we have a book band guide that provides further ,information about the level of text within each band and the skills that their child will need to use as their reading develops


Book Bands

Book Bands 1

Book Band Guide for Parents