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Internet safety is a vital part of our school curriculum.  We promote internet safety in assemblies and events like the UK Safer Internet Day, class discussions eg based on current affairs, in our PSHE curriculum and via our Computing curriculum.


We are always careful to promote the benefits of the modern digital world at the same time as promoting safety advice to the children.  We focus on helping them acquiring and developing the skills and knowledge that they need to help keep themselves safe, in the digital world in the same way as the physical world.


Key Organisations

There is a lot of information about Online Safety/E-Safety.  We have included some information below to try to help you sift through it.  They key is to look for organisations offering quality advice.  The NSPCC is particularly good at offering advice about how to start discussions with children about internet safety.  Some of the best are:




Parent Info - from Parent Zone and CEOP

UK Safer Internet Centre


and the Safer Schools app 


Links to each of these is included below and there is a separate section for how to get access to the FREE Safer Schools app.  Signing up for this - both parents/carers and children is the quickest and easiest way to keep up with online safety advice so we recommend it.







National Online Safety  Guides for Parents


The NOS have produced 'What Parents Need to Know About' guides for  a wide range of online platforms , social media, streaming platforms and gaming.


Click on the titles below to access the relevant guides:





General advice and links





  • ThinkUKnow Site linked to CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Command - part of the National Crime Agency) - online safety advice aimed at childen of different ages and including games to play






  • CEOP sites link This link takes you to sites for different ages of children and for parents and carers