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Welcome toMeadow Green PrimaryA Hive of Industry & Learning

School Closures

Snow Closure

Procedures for closures


The decision to close the school is never one that is taken lightly. The overriding factors upon which any decision is made are the  safety of pupils, staff and parents on the school site along with  the risks of serious injury travelling to and from school. Due to the location of Meadow Green, consideration also has to be given to the roads immediately surrounding the site, which due to them not being primary or secondary routes are often left untreated. Any decision to close the school partially or in full will be made by 7:30am


Snow Closure Information

During severe weather conditions can I remind you all to check this website as it will be updated daily and also listen to  

  • RADIO WYVERN – 102.8FM
  • BRMB – 96.4  FM
  • HEART – 100.7  FM


Meadow Green Primary School will always open when it is safe to do so.

On some occassions however the school may need to close fully or run a limited opening. Please note  the general format  for limited opening.


Alternative Arrangements:

Where school is restricted to a limited opening  we will employ a  staggered start to school from 8:35am – 10:00am (registers will remain open throughout this period)  and staggered collection at the end of the day from 2:35pm-3:10pm. This will allow sufficiently large enough windows for staff, pupils and parents to make their journey to school as safely as possible and to avoid the congestion of rush hour traffic. We would also request that as many pupil and parents walk to school on these days to limit traffic around the school site.

If you are making arrangements for your child to be collected earlier by another parent or adult, please let the office know before hand in order that we can ensure children are dismissed into the care of the appropriate adult.

There will be NO Breakfast  or After-School clubs run by school on days where there is limited opening. 

Those parents that have already paid for additional care sessions or breakfast club sessions this term, will have the sessions lost due to the limited school opening credited for future sessions.