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Welcome toMeadow Green PrimaryA Hive of Industry & Learning

School Improvement Plan


School Improvement/ Development  Plan


Our School Improvement Plan for 2023-24 reflects the  continuing challenges and impact of the covid-19 pandemic, lockdowns and school closures over the last two year. It draws on the actions identified in our school recovery plan, the national drive to support the catch up of lost learning, along with  key areas for development identified in our Ofsted Inspection Report of July 2017 and our subsequent Section 8 ungraded inspection in November 2022 . These build upon our Post Action Plans from our previous Ofsted inspection and SIP from 2017-19 and 2021-2023.

As a school we have made significant progress on the key areas identified as reflected in the most recent Ofsted report. Consequently the School Improvement Plan for 2023-24  builds upon the findings of both our internal judgements, the external  monitoring and moderation with partner schools and the validation from Ofsted of the school's strengths and the areas that we are continuing to develop.





School Development Plan 2023-24