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Welcome toMeadow Green PrimaryA Hive of Industry & Learning


Here at Meadow Green, learning through history is very important. We help pupils gain knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. Learning how events and people of the past have helped to shape our world today.  


We provide learning which will engage the children and secure key facts and a sound knowledge base as well as developing enquiry based learning in order that they begin to think like ‘real historians’.  As ‘real historians’, children will be encouraged to ask questions, interpret and sort sources of evidence and develop an understanding of their own history and that of their family and as well as the history of others. Pupils will begin to have an understanding of history that is within living memory and history beyond living memory. Pupils will understand the process of change across various societies and the relationships between different groups of people.


We follow the National Curriculum guidelines that state the knowledge and skills that need to be taught in History. At Meadow Green Primary, History lessons are taught within Topic lessons within a full term or half term. A base of knowledge is built that allows children to then access historical enquiries. Historical enquiries provide evidence, encouraging the children to ask questions and suggest answers. Allowing children to be curious and develop an understanding of the complexities of people’s lives and the process of change. Links to Geography are made throughout history topics using maps to show location and comparisons.


The Early Years Foundation Stage incorporates history through the ‘Understanding the World’ element of the curriculum. Children are taught to make sense of their physical world and their community and family. Pupils learn about differences and similarities between themselves and different family members. Focusing on the child’s own memories, they will be encouraged to ask questions, talk and share experiences of their own exploring of the world and environment around them.


The Meadow Green history curriculum intends to ensure that pupils are equipped with the skills for Key Stage 3 history as well as for life as an adult in the wider world. We aim to provide engaging and exciting lessons that encourage the children to be inquisitive and to gain knowledge and a perspective of people, places and time. We hope that our History curriculum will teach children to understand themselves and others and help them to understand the world around them ‘now’ and ‘then’.