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Welcome toMeadow Green PrimaryA Hive of Industry & Learning

Learning at Home

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Our remote learning offer is designed to keep children connected to school in every possible way in order to continue to learn immediately. It takes one of three forms dependent on the needs of the situation:

  •  Whole school closure with remote learning for all but key workers;
  • Isolated bubble closure due to self isolation requirements from Public Health;
  • Individuals self isolating due to requirements from Public Health


All approaches will enable daily work to be set and shared using Google Classroom or via ClassDojo (for Early Years), following the timetable of a conventional school day and provide relevant, engaging learning opportunities. Direct teaching and contact with the teacher is maintained through video of sessions and via Google Meet. These will vary in time so families with siblings  who may be learning from home can have equal opportunity to access the  new teaching /learning. Feedback is available daily via Google Classroom or the portfolio section of ClassDojo. 


The focus will be on delivering three discrete lessons a day in English, Maths and a foundation subject lesson linked to the topic. An additional independent activity linked to spelling/phonics /reading or time stables would also be expected.


Should remote learning need to be set for a class or bubble, the work for the week in English, Maths and other subjects will be posted on  your child's class ‘Learning at Home’ website page, within the ‘Children’s’ section by 9.00am on a Monday morning.


School’s approach is sustainable, enables families to work, learn, rest and play in a flexible way and to create a routine that suits their personal circumstances. A combination of resources provided by school and access to personalised online learning is available.


A copy of the our Remote Learning Policy is available here.



Click on your Year group star to take you  to your classes home learning pages and additional  activities that you can complete at home.

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