Welcome to Meadow Green Primary School! Our Open Days for Nursery and Reception Admissions for September 2023 will be on Tuesday 11th October and Wednesday 19th October from 9:30am -11:30am. . Please contact school if you wish to make an appointment to visit us. Alternatively see the 'School Tours and Open days' section in the Key information below!
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Welcome toMeadow Green PrimaryA Hive of Industry & Learning

Financial Information

Financial Transparency of Local Authority Maintained Schools.


Maintained schools are funded by grant from the Department for Education (the Dedicated Schools Grant). LAs are the accountable body for maintained schools and, in line with national frameworks and guidance set by the Department, monitor and intervene in these schools to reduce the risk of financial failure or misuse of funds.


Each LA has a scheme for financing schools which sets out the financial relationship between it and its maintained schools, and the Department publishes guidance setting out what is required or permitted in schemes.


The schools financial benchmarking website (see link below) provides access to the school's consistent financial reporting (CFR) statement of income, expenditure and balances. 


School Financial Benchmarking Website