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Welcome toMeadow Green PrimaryA Hive of Industry & Learning


Phonics, is an important daily lesson in each class from the Nursery through to Year 2. The school follows the government ‘Letters and Sounds’ scheme which develops the children’s ability to hear, discriminate, recognise and write the sounds. The National Curriculum also supports children’s phonic development and we are working in line with the curriculum content provided. Phonic work is combined with the school’s structured reading scheme to develop reading skills. Every year in June, the Year one pupils take the National Phonic Screening check. The children are expected to reach a benchmark level.  Parents are provided with a preparation pack to support their children in readiness for this assessment. The children take reading books home daily to practise, improve and enjoy.

Vocabulary for phonics:

Phoneme – a combination of letters that make one sound, e.g. “sh” makes a sh sound as in shop.

Grapheme – how the phoneme is written, e.g. the phoneme for the long vowel sound “i” can be written as igh, ie, i_e


Sound/phoneme buttons – helps a child sound out the word by identifying the phonemes in the word.

Example of sound buttons:

Phonics Screening Check: Examples of real and nonsense words to sound out and read