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Welcome toMeadow Green PrimaryA Hive of Industry & Learning

Parent Forum

Engaging all parents in the life of the school


Our  Parent Forum is a group of parent representatives, staff and governors who meet each term to discuss general school-related issues. The parent forum provides a valuable way to listen to ideas and concerns and seek views on school issues, helping to meet the ever-changing needs of  our children and their families.

Although not a decision-making body,the forum provides an opportunity for parents to contribute to school life through an open dialogue. Meetings occur termly and cover a range of topics put forward by parents and staff alike. To date the forum has collected parents views and ideas  on:

  • Homework
  • Home & School Communications
  • Reporting Children’s Progress to Parents


The current members of the parent forum are:  (year groups they links with)

Priesh Patel   (Nursery & Year 1)

Tamsin Phillips (Reception & Year 1)

Jill Stanley (FSU)

Sarah Guest (Year 2 & Year 6)

Kath Newton (Year 2 & Year 4)

Shelley Weston (Year 4 & Year 5)

Vicky Davies (Year 6)


The Forum has set out  its ‘Aims and Purposes’ which are laid out below with further information in the attached  document.


Aims of the Forum:
• To be a means of communicating the views of parents and the school
• To better understand the views and feelings of parents and families
• To enable the school and parents to be a cohesive partnership
• To support children’s learning by better understanding the schools aims and ways of working
• To discuss openly ways that the school is constantly seeking to improve and how it is moving forward
• To listen carefully to each other and develop an understanding of school and family issues

Latest Parent Forum Minutes…


Meadow Green Primary                   Parents’ Forum Minutes                  Date: 18.05.17

Present: Gill Stanley, Trina Fernando, Kath Newton, Sarah Guest, Vicky Davies, Hollie Jelfs, Lucy Nocher

Apologies:Priesh Patel.  Tamsin Phillips, Shelley Weston