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Friends of Meadow Green School

We are fortunate to have a wonderful ‘Friends of Meadow Green’PTA. Every parent/carer of every pupil and every member of staff is automatically a member. But of course all are welcome, from grandparents to older brothers and sisters, members of local associations and partnership schools. Our PTA is about much more than simply fundraising. FoMG exists to provide closer links between home and school and it is an excellent way to bring parents, staff and other supporters together socially in support of the school, working towards a common goal.
Aims of FoMG
1.To enhance the education & wellbeing of the pupils of Meadow Green by providing or supporting     provision of facilities & resources through fundraising

2. To promote positive close co-operation & communication between parents & school staff

3. To provide activities & events to support and enhance school provision.

4. To consider suggestions from staff, parents and children as to how funds should be spent and authorise consequent expenditure.

5. To provide a social framework for parents, staff and children

The Friends organise a number of fun and fund raising events throughout the year. We hold our annual general meeting in July, at the end of the school year. At this meeting a committee is elected to run the FoMG consisting of a chair, vice-chair, treasurer and a secretary. FoMG committees usually meet once a  half term but smaller sub-committees may meet for the organisation of specific events and activities.


Core Committee Members of FoMG are:


Chair – Kristine Hewson

Deputy Chair – Anne-Louise Henderson

Treasurer – Amy Fowler

Secretary – Position Vacant

Communications – Position Vacant


Committee Members 

Emma Westwood

Charlotte Waterhouse

Kelly Shurmer

Liz Newlands

Natalie Mills

Michelle Kent

Danielle Baker

Sarah Davis

Amanda Clarke

Mrs Nuttall (Teacher)

Mr Jones (Headteacher)


Phase/ Year  Representatives


Amanda Clarke /Emma Westwood       (Nursery Class)


Natalie Mills  / Anne-Louise Henderson  (Reception Classes)


Shelle Kent/ Elizabeth Newlands/ Kristine Hewson  (Year 1/2)


Sarah Davis/Amy Fowler (Year 3/4)


Kelly Shurmer /Charlotte Waterhouse (Year 5/6)


We would ideally like to have some representation from each cohort of parents on the FoMG committee, so that we can hear suggestions from the children and parents in each year group on the types of projects we support and allocate funds towards. We currently have positions vacant as listed above. All parents are welcome so please come along if you can offer your support.



The support FoMG provide financially and in terms of their own time helping during whole school events is invaluable. Without them we would have to continually ask our parents to subsidise additional enrichment activities for the children.



Large projects that FoMG have been responsible for funding and initiating, include the Foundation Stage play area, HMS Bumble ‘Our Pirate Ship’ play equipment, the tyre park and trim-trail for Key Stages 1 and 2, library equipment,  new projectors in each classroom and most recently a professional sound system for the school hall.




A list of future events for the Spring and Summer terms will be finalised shortly.