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School Performance


This page provides an edited summary of Meadow Green Primary School’s 2017 performance results as provided by the Department for Education 


To be updated in December 2017 on release of Department of Education 2017 Performance tables.


There were 44 pupils in Year 6 at the end of Key Stage 2 2017


Test Results
The percentage of pupils achieving the expected level or above in the 2017 Key Stage 2 tests by subject are as follows:





School % at Expected level National at Expected level School %  at high level or greater depth National % at High level or greater depth


70% 71% 23% 25%


66% 75% 16% 23%


77% 76% 27% 18%
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 70% 77% 23% 31%


The percentage of children achieving the expected level in reading, writing and maths is 55% compared to 61% nationally.

In 2016 the DFE introduced a scaled score of between 80 and 120 which ranks the children’s raw score against a national scale of achievement. A 100 score represents the expected standard and above 110 represents a high score. Below 100 means that a child is working below the expected standard.


Each cohort is measured on the average APS score which is derived from national standard


Meadow Green National Gain
Reading 103 104 -1.0
GPS 104 106 – 2.0
Maths 102 104 – 2.0


Performance Tables
To view the 2016 Department of Education performance tables for Meadow Green Primary School please click here.

The 2017 performance tables will be published by the Department of Education in December 2017.